Thursday, 7 December 2017



  1. Hi I am Sophie and I am from Awahono School. I like the pictures of the sun glasses because they are very colourful. I also like the background because it is like air. Maybe one day you could go on my blog.

    1. Kia ora sophie thank you for commenting on my blog I have not had a comment for quite a long time. I would love to check out your blog through the summer holidays.

  2. Hi I'm Tane from Awahono School. I like the title. I cannot see the words so could you maybe make the words bigger please . You can come and see my blog too.

    1. Hi Tane thanks for the comment I will put a comment on you blog I will make the words bigger so your can read thank you you.

  3. Hi Jorja!

    My name is Ellee and I will be blogging with you this summer for the Summer Learning journey!

    This is such an awesome summer poem! It reminds me of being at the beach which is one of my most favourite summer activities, what about you?
    If you get some time over the holidays in between swimming and hanging out with your sister (when shes not being annoying :) ...) maybe you can check out the Summer Learning Journey activities to blog about.

    If you want to check out the Summer Learning Journey website you can follow this link:

    Here is also a link to the weekly activities:

    Remember each activity is worth points so make sure once you’ve finished an activity post it up on your blog so we can add it to your total!

    Hopefully I'll see you blogging over the summer soon!

    Ellee :)


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